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Walking the Path: Early Morning Fox


It is the journey where truth presents itself . And sometimes it is who we meet on the path that brings the magic.

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Turkey Scratch




Wild turkeys came to visit yesterday while the hunters are out in droves across the creek. Now, I have nothing against hunting, but I don’t own a gun. So, here is my Thanksgiving celebration . Feeding the turkeys!

Happy Turkey Day!

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quick, she says

oil pastel on paper

oil pastel on paper


“Quick”, she growls quietly. “what’s that?!” I walk to the window with her and we in the quiet light of dawn ¬†watch a bushy tailed fox dance a loop in the snow in front of us. Noel, my dog, has never seen a fox before. A beautiful moment to watch. And then as quick as she came she runs across the bridge and up the trail in front of us. Good morning!