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So little time

Where does it go, the time. During a Pandemic time goes fast and slow. Nothing is as usual – If your work is recognized as essential, you have likely never worked so hard. And if your work is non essential you have other worries. For both, life is surreal.

As we all reset our expectations and plans – we have the opportunity to give thought to all the news briefs we watch. For me, it’s not only the news briefs about how our people are living, or not. But how the natural world is responding to our lessened impact on the Earth. I not only directly witness these responses, but I imagine what it must seem like to the rest of the living things on the planet. Not imagining in an anthropomorphic way, but based on my previous observations and experiences in environments where wildlife exists. Knowing that the deer don’t move as freely during the day, and birds are more quiet when we are in their woods.

Are the deer and others moving more easily in the daytime? Is there less concern for the song the birds sing when we are not too close for their comfort? What about the wolves and grizzly that have begun to move around more in search of food?

What do the changes in animal behavior say about their perception and experience of our behavior in and near their habitat? What could it mean for all of us if  we considered these observable impacts on the other beings on the Earth Рas a whole experience?

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Mixing Art

Currently reading Jim Harrison’s novella,”The Ancient Minstrel” a piece mostly drawn from Harrison’s later life. In continuation of an earlier blog post I wrote accounts about artists working in multiple art forms Harrison writes specifically of this experience when he stretched beyond writing poetry:

When he started writing prose too, at first it felt like he was committing adultery, but he soon recognized that if he was working on a novel he also wrote more poems. Poetry started the workday. Pasternak told us, “Revise your souls to frenzy.” 

I continue to wonder how we make the work whole. It stands together,  it stands on its own. The work is what comes of us when we are a part of the world. An expression of relationship

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Living at the Edge

We all get knocked off center sometimes. We work hard to maintain level. We struggle to retain some quality of pre-knowing because it feels safe. But what does that knowledge and safety add up to? 

Perhaps living on the edge is a better place to be. It’s not easy. It’s not comfortable. It certainly doesn’t feel safe. The waves are bigger. But the stars are brighter. The answers lie out there with our imagination.

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Lid to Cup


I’m a bit worried about us. Us, being the human species. We seem to be giving up our intelligence and discernment abilities left and right.

Last week while traveling I was served this cup. It seems we need instructions for how to align our cup lids in the cup. Please tell me it isn’t so.

I believe I know how to attach the lid to the cup.

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Passing By

The day comes, the year passes. We stand witnessing both simultaneously.

Did we meet the expectations we had for ourselves? Can we find peace within despite the dreams we let go of?

Should we plan for the future or rest and bless the life we do not know that has yet to come?

Life comes regardless of our readiness. Finding the best of the arrival is finding our best potential.

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Beginning Practice


What do you do when you have more ideas than you have days of a life ?

Remember your mission. How does anyone, any successful creator measure their decision to go forward with an idea? They return to their mission for measure. Of all the ideas, of all the potential, the one to pursuit is the one that best propels your mission forward.

Know your mission in life . Know why you do what you do, set course and take off.

From here begins practice.



a practice of making

a practice of making

What we know, we can practice. We know ways of being, we practice these. These practices add up to a life, lived. We learn, believe and live differently. We practice our differences, and if we practice diligently there is a unique presence that comes to live on the Earth for a while. Practice has success, failure, sharing, love, making and challenge all wrapped up in time. We transform as we practice, as we move through the world every day. These posts found under “PRACTICE” are shared thoughts about practicing, and moments of my practice.

Let us all be brave to find the best way for each of us to Practice, to create a life that is full of moments of who we are.

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The Fully Lived Life

We never really know how long we have on Earth. Such an obvious statement. But I have noticed the older I get the more intense this statement is . I dont know what goes on in everybody else’s head, but in mine everyday it seems like I have to make more choices for the things I will let go of in life, the things I will never get to do, in order to spend more time in life on a select few. About a decade ago I recognized the fact that there were so many books I wanted to write, businesses I wanted to start, buildings to design, students to educate, jewelry to design, places to live or visit ….but frustrated in realizing that there was not enough time in my life to do them all. The challenge has been making choices for the experiences and challenges I most want to pursuit and then to pursuit them without regret. It’s not easy to slip past regret or worry if I am making the best choices.

It’s simpler for us to look at others and value the things they have done, the path, and the richness in their life. Not just the big public things, but the personal living. This is the hitch I have been thinking about. The loss of the everyday experiences, those things we believe we have the rest if our lives for .

This week the Earth and it’s Earthlings lost Ben Bullington. He will be missed by thousands of people for a thousand different reasons. All of these reasons contribute to his legacy, the mark he left on others.

I don’t have any anecdote for his passing before we all wished he would go. I know his soul lives on. I know he left an impression on me from the few times we crossed paths and from his music.

Mostly I am taking stock of life , it’s fragility, it’s speed, it’s fullness, its heartbreak, and how we choose to participate , how I choose to participate, today and tomorrow….