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This summer presented some great experiences for me, and also some struggles. One thing I worked on that was uplifting is a new gallery website for my artwork.


We launched the site yesterday! Please help me out and visit the site and share this post so that the new site will gain some power on the interweb.


go to :



Thankyou for all of your support!




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2012 monoprints I

2102_01, untitled

2102_01, untitled

2012-02, untitled, 22x30

2012-02, untitled, 22×30

2012-04, untitled, 22x30

2012-04, untitled, 22×30

2012-05, untitled, 22x30

2012-05, untitled, 22×30


2012-06,untitled, 22x30, private collection

2012-06,untitled, 22×30, private collection

2012, 07, rheingeld, 22x30

2012, 07, rheingeld, 22×30

1012-08, untitled, sold, 22X30

2012-08, untitled, sold, 22X30

If you have been following my blog you have seen some of the mono prints I have been working on. In the Gallery Section of the blog I will post my work. The pieces are originals, not a print series, and they are for sale. If you want to learn more about them, the price, or process contact me.