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Inspiration arrives at the unlikeliest of times. Casual and unexpected, we almost pass it by if not paying attention to what is in front of us. And if we ignore the gift we lose it forever. Like lightning bugs in a summer sky inspiration is fleeting. But if we grasp it and hold on for a moment before it leaves we can carry inspiration with us for a bit. But take care, it’s not with us forever. On the way out as it escapes our subconscious we have a moment to decide , take care now, pay attention now before the magic leaves forever. Mark it down. Make it real. 

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This summer presented some great experiences for me, and also some struggles. One thing I worked on that was uplifting is a new gallery website for my artwork.


We launched the site yesterday! Please help me out and visit the site and share this post so that the new site will gain some power on the interweb.


go to :



Thankyou for all of your support!




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Inner and Outer Landscape

monoprints at the Grocery

monoprints at the Grocery

After Baton Rouge my press traveled with me back to Bozeman Montana. Between Summer and Fall Remote Studio I started making monoprints. Actually, whenever I can, I paint. A few weeks ago I took my monoprints to EJ Engler’s gallery space to look at the work all at one time.

Friends often ask what I am painting. How I choose colors. Are they landscapes….While my work is never directly representational (this to that), what I can recognize is that my work explores my inner landscape and the landscape I experience as I move through the world. Feeling and intuition and how color defines these is what guides my work.

The opportunity to look at my work all at one time allowed me to trace technique development and recognize colors that resonate within me, just as we can see in Mark Rothko’s work for instance.