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2012 monoprints I

2102_01, untitled

2102_01, untitled

2012-02, untitled, 22x30

2012-02, untitled, 22×30

2012-04, untitled, 22x30

2012-04, untitled, 22×30

2012-05, untitled, 22x30

2012-05, untitled, 22×30


2012-06,untitled, 22x30, private collection

2012-06,untitled, 22×30, private collection

2012, 07, rheingeld, 22x30

2012, 07, rheingeld, 22×30

1012-08, untitled, sold, 22X30

2012-08, untitled, sold, 22X30

If you have been following my blog you have seen some of the mono prints I have been working on. In the Gallery Section of the blog I will post my work. The pieces are originals, not a print series, and they are for sale. If you want to learn more about them, the price, or process contact me.