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Adventure for the Future



Artemis Institute offers immersion education programs that help connect us better understand the relationship between nature and culture.

Remote Studio is a design/build program based in the Rocky Mountains. A full semester credit is available.

Quest/Utah is a program in Southern Utah, open to all free spirits and also available for 3 elective credits.

Please spread the word, share this post. Send it to all who may be interested.

Apply now. Deadline March 1. 

General Information:  Artemis Institute 

Learn more about Quest

Learn more about Remote Studio 

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the gold season


bambi preparing for the last drive of 2014

bambi preparing for the last drive of 2014

the fall days are here. As a matter of fact, they are glorious days in October that are warm and sunny. Anyone a local, knows these days are limited. They will come again, but not before a long stretch of cold, white winter. For me, the coming cold also means shutting down my bambi airstream. Its a sad day that suggests I won’t be rolling down the highway with camper in tow any time soon. But there is always that dream that some free time will show up along with clean roads. And I will hook up the rig and head out….dreaming is important.  Dreaming is where magic is born.

So, until the next time, I will dream of the next trips, and love the day I have today. Golden leaves blowing from branches across the yard and a dog that really, really wants to go out and hike.


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Fear and Adventure

Today is a beautiful fall day. Blue sky, crisp. This morning there was frost on the ground, a warning that winter is coming fast. The sun is here now, and I must meet it outside – always a dilemma between making and nature.

We need both to make our lives real:


Our dreams seem ephemeral
Our myths seem unreal
Action upon either seems impossible
How do we make our truth tangible
Unless we believe in them enough to take action? To give them make the imaginable real?
As we come into the season of half light lets close our eyes and breath possibility into what appears to be impossible. If each of us contributes a culture of possibilities will result.

What is unknown will grow from adventure instead of fear.

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Dreaming of Utah

Utah, South of Moab

Utah, land of dreams

I have been dreaming of Utah these past nights. Not those kind of dreams you have when you are wishing you could go somewhere. Not the melancholy type. But the kind of dreams that are had from experience, when your subconscious is so full of an experience that it pours out of you after you have had it. The dreaming is rich of the landscape. They are not full of saga or people, or any far-fetched narrative. They are full of the place, the feelings, textures, smells, and colors. Every night after I close my eyes I relive the place. The overwhelming beauty.

I have never had such realistic and vivid dreams before of a real place, portrayed in a true and actual dynamic. I am wondering what this means for my psyche. Have I found my spirit home? Or was the experience simply overpowering that my subconscious is relishing the intensity of the memories?

Utah. I await the next adventure.


rain falls on Utah, the mist of magic

rain falls on Utah, the mist of magic


Forms of Adventure


I am thinking about Adventure. The idea of adventure has long been a preoccupation of mine. I have always thought about adventure from a gender neutral perspective. In this particular context I am thinking about the adventure that comes from engaging with the “elements”, that most obvious experience. Trekking across mountains, surfing some great wave in the Pacific, sky diving, skiing back mountain trails, moon walking, sailing around the world. You get the idea….

And it seems that we are inventing new forms of adventure more rapidly today, than in the past. Not that these experiences didn’t exist before, but that they were integrated into other activities. Now they are being experienced as isolated activities: rock climbing and ice climbing, for instance. And maybe these new adventures are no different than the singularity of skydiving, which grew out of the need to save a life if a plane or “flying machine” was set on a course of destruction. We are exchanging passive sports for active ones these days. There is a reason that golf courses are being shut down across the a United States. We are off finding our own adventures.

This is where my query lies. As I think about adventure, the adventure that is followed in journalism, on TV and Internet, I think about these being particularly “male” adventures. Now before you get upset, I am not speaking of adventures that women cannot equally participate in, I am thinking about what defines the epitome of the “womens” adventure? And which of today’s “adventure” experiences may have been first engaged by a women?

So, help me out. Let me know what you know. What you think about women and adventure. Keep in mind, this is not a challenge of who is better or equal at some activity. I am truly interested in what “is”, what defines the ultimate women’s sense of adventure.