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New ways of seeing

press, ready to rock

press, ready to rock

When I was in graduate school at Harvard I took a series of printing classes at the Carpenter Center. My first teacher in print making was Michael Mazur. He taught us basic techniques for printing, etching, monotypes….After Mazur’s class I took additional courses focusing on monotype. Monotype is the printing process that most closely resembles painting. Each print is an original, there are no duplications or series as can occur in etching. A painting is made on a plate and run through the press on paper.

When I presented my Masters Thesis in Architecture I simultaneously presented a series of monoprints completed while I was completing my architectural work. While I loved the freedom painting afforded me I walked away from the work. I didn’t take seriously the work I had completed in the Carpenter Center. My focus on architecture far out shadowed my focus on print making. But over the years a desire to paint kept in, a desire to express myself through a form that was only limited by my own imagination, materials and technique.

In January of 2012 I finally ordered a press and all of the supplies I needed to get started. 310 pounds is steel rollers, and printing bed was delivered to me in Baton Rouge where I was living at the time. And there I started. Remembering what I had learned over 20 years before.

The painting continues today. On plate and canvas. I am learning about myself. I am learning about the world. How I see the world, how I communicate with

the world in Two-dimensions.