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Mission . Practice. Journey.


On October 26 I wrote a post called “Beginning Practice” as a follow up to a small piece I wrote “Practicing” on September 26. Now comes the journey.

As I have been traveling to speak to students at universities these past few weeks I have been asking them a question Artemis Institute has been focused on since it’s first program in 1997. I ask them if they believe they have a specific journey in life. Almost all say “yes.” But the next question, ” do you know what that journey is?” Usually follows with their response of “no.” The “no” is the challenge for our future.

There is a big change of outlook occurring with this new generation of people who are of college age. No longer do they believe a degree at a university provides an unquestionable best trajectory for their lives, and certainly not a guarantee for happiness. Truths cannot be guaranteed by those guarding antiquated cultural models. The primary change I see ( as is evident by theses covers of current magazines) is that happiness and job is important, place is important to this generation. And journey is ultimately important. The journey is not just about the self, the journey for these folks includes interaction with community and environment. They want to make change happen. Change requires a clear mission, a practice for that mission, and commitment to take the journey.

The journey is the exploration of who and how we are in the world . There is no straight-line to the end game of success. That idealized trajectory is one of the biggest myths we have told ourselves since the Enlightenment. Interaction, cooperation, multiple considerations, multiple answers, and inclusion all lead us to a new form for being in the world beyond the myth.

Say “yes .” Take the journey.

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The rear view


rear view

rear view


Why is it we look to the past to measure ourselves , our lives? We look to the past and find our fears for the future. Looking into the mirror tonight as I drive home I see the place I have come from. The past. The brilliance of a Bozeman sunset. The rain of fuscia across the sky. The lace of intense light on the edge of clouds. Brilliance to be sure. Purples gain over pinks and orange and my day passes into intensity of night and darkness. All of this is just behind me. I know these now and can fear I may never experience such brilliance again. I can stay where I am and dwell on the past. The setting sun. And another day. Or I can continue to drive forward into the darkness of night, the unknown, appreciating my experience of what passes. I choose to not fear what I do not know of the future when looking into the past, to search for the truth of a future I do not know. Looking into the past to verify the future is the trap of our fears, not the embrace of the songs of our life we have yet to write. Night comes and the stars of the universe rise .