between here and there

living : moving between….


Between Bozeman and Jackson lies the Madison River Valley. Dramatic, moody and magical. The past four years I have been driving through this landscape. Each season different: a sculpted carpet of green, leaves of glistening gold and branches of red, long and white as a snow globe, or the starkest color palette. In winter the Elk dot the snow covered valley floor. In fall the antelope gather in small groups as they migrate. Cattle is driven from winter to summer range down the highway. The greatest drama comes from the light that glances off the bench, reflects from the river, glazes down the mountain faces, or falls through the clouds. From edge to edge there is a spaciousness I only feel in this valley. I never grow tired of the experience.  Last week I was here, coming and going. These photos were snapped while driving.

Author: loriryker

Designer, educator, author, painter, jewelry maker. Exploring the relationship between nature and culture.

2 thoughts on “living : moving between….

  1. Wonderful! Thankyou for sharing…

  2. Remote Studio, was definitely an experience I could not never forget, everytime the fall season comes around… I think of Montana! I miss it and the great friendships that were made that semester! Remote Studio is far beyond just a semester in college…

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