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True Nature

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In a yoga class last week the instructor asked us to describe what we feel like when we have completed a class. The students used words like peaceful, energized, aware, joyful, inspired….the instructor replied that these described qualities are our most natural condition. The senses of ourselves before we are barraged with the over activities of the day, the overspent, overrun happenings that lead us to believe that, at our core, we are someone else.

I love to get up early in the morning. Here in Jackson that usually means just as the first light comes over the mountains to the East. This morning, with air at 9 below zero, a bright pink line burned an edge across the top of the mountains, and I feel at peace, energized, aware, joyful and inspired. On mornings like this there is a “pre” to everything. A before beginning, being both silent and full of music. Perhaps I like to get up early, before anyone else, before it seems that the rest of the world is moving about, because this is the time I meet the world at a common place, each at our true nature.

Author: loriryker

Designer, educator, author, painter, jewelry maker. Exploring the relationship between nature and culture.

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